• お宿よりご挨拶
Guest House・Hostel 遊来~yukuru



--English follows Japanese--
この度は数あるお宿の中から「Guest House・Hostel 遊来~yukuru」のホームページをご覧いただきありがとうございます。
春には桜や菜の花 夏には徒歩圏内にホタルが生息し 秋は美味しい食べ物や果物に溢れ 冬は一面雪景色で近くにスキー場がたくさんあります

  男女相部屋×1・個室×2 (7.5~8畳)
☆ドミトリーのお部屋には布団の間に簡単な しきり がございます
☆全館禁煙になりますので 喫煙される方はお手数ですが外の灰皿をご利用ください
☆飯山駅・温泉地・スーパーまで送迎致します 送迎が必要な方は必ずお問合せください
☆各アメニティは用意がありませんのでご用意ください もし忘れたときは近くに(車で3分)コンビニがありますので安心してください。

   〇は予約可能  △は要相談  ×は予約不可
☆次に《宿泊予約》で システムの支持に沿って入力し送信してください。
☆送信が完了されますと 入力頂いたご自分のメールアドレスに「ご予約のお問合せ確認メール」というメールがすぐに届きますのでご確認ください。
 基本的に当宿では毎日メールの確認をしておりますが 万が一2日以上過ぎてもお返事がない場合はお手数ですがお宿までお電話お願い致します。
☆お宿から後日メールかお電話より 宿泊可能か不可なのか 必ずお返事させていただきます。
☆もしお急ぎの場合は 直接お宿にお電話していただけると その場で確認、予約受付をさせていただきます。
☆当日のご予約はホームページの予約システムでは対応しておりませんので お電話でお問い合わせください。

Thank you for visiting our website of “Guest House・Hostel 遊来~yukuru”.
My husband and I opened our guest house in August, 2018.
We have moved to Iiyama from Osaka after our retirement and started this simple, yet cozy accommodation.
Iiyama is rich with nature. You can enjoy nice food and beautiful stars in the night. Also, you can see mountains of Shinshu from our guest house.
In Spring, it’s filled with cherry blossoms and rape blossoms. In Summer, you can find firefly within walking distance. In Autumn, there are many delicious fruits and other food. In Winter, you can choose one from the number of ski grounds in neighbor and play winter sport.
Please come and enjoy different seasonal sceneries of Iiyama!
There could be some points to improve in our service as we are still new in this, however, we’ll try our best to make you feel at home!
We very look forward to hosting you.

1. Our guest house is a Japanese-style, simple accommodation (with no meal service). We can accommodate up to 12 guests. You can exclusively use the rooms from 9 people. We have 3 rooms;
-One mixed dormitory (with simple partitions between sleeping mattresses)
-Two private rooms
2. Regular price for one night: 3,500 yen per person(Dormitory)Private rooms change with the season.
-We charge extra 500 yen on your stay made from December to March and weekend
-We charge extra 1,000 yen on your stay made during Golden Week, end of the year and new year
-We don’t charge on small kids. Please ask for the details
3. No smoking is allowed inside the building. Please use an ashtray placed outside if you need
4. Every facility is shared
5. We don’t accept credit card. Please prepare cash for payment.
6. We offer a ride to neighbor attractions. Please contact us in advance.
7. We don’t have toiletries. Please bring them by yourself. (But don’t worry, the nearest convenience store is only 3-minute drive away.)
8. You can make your own lovely trip during your stay by visiting neighbor hot springs and other attractive places.

1. Check the availability on “Schedule” from our website
-〇: Available
-△: Arrangeable
-×: Fully booked
2. Go to “Reservation” and send us a request
3. Once you finish sending a request, you will receive an email to confirm that you completed the procedure immediately.
-Your reservation is NOT yet confirmed at this point.
-In case, you don’t find the email, please check your security settings or you can call us.
4. We will respond to your request by email or call. In case, you don’t get our response for more than 2 days, please call us.
5. Our response will be the confirmation of your stay
6. Please call us if you are in hurry. We can check the availability and confirm your stay over the phone.
7. Please call us if you want to book for that day. Our website is not eligible for the process.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions